Tombola italy

Yes those!) When novanta (90) was pulled out, the caller always announced it imitating a frightening voice by uttering la paura (the fear).
They are playing Tombola or the Italian version of bingo.
Neapolitan Tombola board, tombola card details.The really strange thing is-at least to us Americans-is that many of the pictures are downright rude or sexual.In order to win any of them, we had to have a sequence of numbers on the same row: ambo (two numbers terno (three numbers quaterna (four numbers cinquina (five numbers and tombola (all 15 numbers on the same card).When one of us shouted ambo, terno and the like, we were required to read back the combination.Two numbers always generated a big laugh among us: 77 which regole slot machine 3d model free meant le gambe delle donne (womens legs) and 88 le tette (a womans breasts.Tombola's roots lie in a fortune telling game that was used hundreds of years ago to predict the future or help understand the meaning of dreams.
The boards are similar to bingo boards, but in Naples the boards are very different.
It's the kind of game that you'd think would get old.

ALthough more modern Tombola sets come with chips or blots to cover the numbers, most people play the traditional way-covering the numbers with torn pieces of orange or tangerine skins or beans or lentils.It's a perfect representation of the naughty and nice Neapolitans who created the game.For example, instead of saying 11, the tombola caller would yell out le candele (the candles).Before pulling out the first number, the bingo caller shook the sack containing the tokens a few times, as if wanting to wake them up from a long sleep.Many people play for change and sometimes it gets heated.It's all nativity scenes and gold stars with few trees and lights.Sometimes they're playing for beans or one or two euro (which are coins in Italy).The naughty and the nice.You said sedici (16) right?Next, we decided giocare al lotto come si vince how much we wanted to pay for the cards which, back then, if my giocare a carte con il pc memory does not deceive me, we agreed at about 50 liras each.Number 17, considered by Italians a messenger of misfortune, was always announced with the two words la disgrazia (bad luck).It is the perfect excuse to catch up and leave the rest of life behind for a few hours.Numbers range from 1 through 90, but the interesting thing is, each number on the board also contains a picture, usually with the name in Italian, Neapolitan dialect and some even have an English translation.
After arguing as usual back-and-forth about whose turn it was to be the number caller, we were all set to start.