The witcher 3 get junior casino

You will find near the body of one of enemies you have defeated - Igor.
Now you must search the whole casino.
Was this guide helpful?Join up and head inside to kill all of Whoresons men.Use your Witcher Senses to inspect the place for scattered papers, clothing, and equipment.Find Whoreson Junior's casino.Junior is not a nice man and Im starting to feel pretty good about murdering him.Get inside Whoreson's hideout.Get undressed and put your clothing in the dresser.When you decide his fate, leave his house to be approached by King Radovid's men.Sometimes we include links to online retail stores.On the lower level, east from the arena you will find the door hidden in the wall - you will open it by using the torch which is the switch.
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There are three way points on the map for Juniors possible whereabouts.Hell advise you to seek out Vernon Roche.( Warning : you must be on the Velen/Novigrad map and ideally with your destination, Est Tayiar, well out of sight - it's best to start at the Novigrad Gate of Oxenfurt - otherwise the required NPCs will not spawn.) The console codes must.Dudu had been subjected to torture.After winning two games, you will be taken to the interrogation room anyway and forced to fight.Go to the room on the second floor where you can find Rico.Count Reuvens Treasure, which is advised to be tackled later.Fate is like a Novigrad prostitute - sometimes you get more than you bargained for.Open it up for a letter which you need to read in the menu.A Favor For Radovid.If Geralt kills Whoreson Junior: It thus came as no surprise that, once he had the information he wanted, Geralt killed the heinous man without batting an eye.Well I tried different approaches for this quest with no results.After freeing him you will receive the Honor Among Thieves side quest.
Beat them up (you can use Signs) to have a further chat with these interesting fellows, known as the Big Four.

Hold and release R2 to perform Ciris special move, Blink, if her energy metre is full.
He gives you a nice silver sword for freeing his man.
When you arrive, Cleavers men have already ransacked the place.