Poke definition japanese

poke definition japanese

The Sun (2015)From then on, it was a matter of watching the fire, poking in more sticks as the embers burnt low.
Nip in the bud.To defeat (an opponent) by a very close book of ra 30 cent forscher margin; edge.A sharp or biting remark.Example sentences containing 'poke these examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.Word forms: plural, 3rd person singular present tense prods, present participle prodding, past tense, past participle prodded. .Verb (used without object nipped, nipping.A part of a rope or chain bound by a seizing or nipper.2, short for earlier nipperkin vessel holding half-pint or less Nip nip / np / noun, adjective Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive.Read more, he spent much time poking around bomb sites during the 1970s and came across some surprising remnants of old.Reinforced by nip (n.2) itlug lecco lotteria 2018 on rock paper poker notion of "fragment or bit pinched off" (c.1600).

Times, Sunday Times (2011)But out on the grassy fields, impressive numbers of snipe poked and probed about.The report should prod the Government into spending more on the Health Service.Iain Gale Man of Honour (2007)The piece also poked fun at claims that he was one of the few to spot the downturn coming.Cathy was prodding at a boiled egg.Nesbit The Treasure Seekers (1899)One mannequin has a taped mouth and a missing hand, while an arm pokes from a drawer.Celebrating 20 Years Of Word Of The Day!Origin of nip ; Middle English nyppe to pinch Old Norse hnippa to poke, thrust nip 2 nip / np / noun a small drink of alcoholic liquor; sip: a person who relishes an occasional nip.An abrupt turn or twist in a rope.To check in growth or development.

To steal or pilfer.
Noun an act of nipping; a pinch or small bite: The dog took several nips at our heels.