Kensington slot macbook air

Finally, they wrote back a third time saying that if the security slot does not show the "lock with a K" premi seconda categoria lotteria italia symbol, then I should not purchase their product.
In order to deter casual theft from building employees and cleaning staff my punto scommesse snai bari via dante company prefers we secure our laptops to our desks using Kensington locks.Or is the rMBP mostly a "take home at the end of the day or don't worry about it" device for most people?Most of the other options I see are no longer on the market (either for lack of sales sprinter lotto soudal or effectiveness, I assume) or are precluded on the idea of things like alarms going off should they be removed (which is going to be pointless.I'm not taking mine home because I have my own rMBP in my backpack and the nature of what I'm currently doing precludes me from working from home anyway.First I received a canned response with instructions for using their cable lock.I work for a company renting office space from a downtown skyscraper.With the last MacBook Pro (the 13" one with the slot-loading optical drive) this was no problem, as it had the slot for the lock.It sounded like a blow-off, and still did not address my "if not, why not" question or my question about future plans for a compatible lock.Every time you walk away from your desk or get up for a bathroom break at the coffee shop, your laptop is in danger of being stolen if you leave it behind.One of the things none of us really thought about was its lack of a slot for the lock.Here's a list of the best locks for every type of laptop, including MacBooks.So what other options are there for locking a rMBP to a desk?One solution was a "locking case" which reportedly had overheating issues.Has anyone here successfully used a Kensington cable lock on the new Aluminum MacBook?
As it stands now I'm just tossing the thing in a drawer at the end of the night and locking the drawer which is a pain and doesn't allow me to let tasks like app submission go on so I can leave for the day.
Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone here has successfully used a Kensington cable lock on the new Aluminum MacBook?

Has anyone here tried the MacLocks solution?However, even if you own an Apple laptop, there are ways to secure your system. .Laptops can be expensive devices, and they provide access to our most private information, like proprietary business data, banking info and tax returns.Except for Macs, most laptops come with slots built-in to help you attach a combination or key lock.After complaining, I received a response asking for my computer "model which I had already provided.Even when you're working with people you supposedly know and trust, there's a decent chance that someone will steal your device as 40 percent of laptop thefts occur in the office.However, it has very mixed reviews, it requires grafting something onto your rMBP (which, for what its worth, I don't care about for cosmetic reasons, but rather the idea of having to screw something onto the bottom of the thing is a little unnerving.And then I asked for (and got) a recent MacBook Pro with Retina.
On the Apple Store web site, they have a couple of Kensington security locks for sale but the following warning appears: "Note: This lock is not compatible with the following Apple products: Aluminum MacBook models with the Mini DisplayPort; MacBook Pro models with the Mini.

I posted a specific question with Kensington tech support regarding compatibility, but got no joy.
The prevailing logic is to buy this thing from MacLocks.