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This is not the first time her bad behavior has been exposed.
THE gossip life 09/19 Hes one of the highest paid radio personalities and probably ranks on the B list of the medium overall, but this radio personality will B Get it?
This A/A- list mostly television actor who is an Emmy winner/nominee and stars on a casino delle civette very hit ABC show was there and spending big.She is sick.At the end of the day, sports is a money game.Danielle cash me outside Bregoli 175.It turns out though, it is a big deal that this person with the same last name is cheating.World, new York Times: Even before the recent violence, the recluses were vilified.Entertainment lawyer 09/26 13* This B/B- list mostly television actress who is the celebrity offspring of some permanent A listers brought her drug dealer to an event so he could find new clients.What they dont like to talk about is the big pledge for a whole bunch of money they got from a guy on his deathbed.Entertainment lawyer 09/03 6* It seems like a fatherly kind of thing trying to get full custody while mom is away getting help for her issues.(Not that I didn't think it already or anything.) Isaac Kappy 177.Entertainment lawyer 09/09 7* Creative Arts Emmy Awards: The buzz last night says this married A-/B list mostly television actress who has been most recently seen on a hit almost network show took a recent gig for one reason.Well, this A lister is readying for a comeback too.
Entertainment lawyer 09/06 10* At the same event as #9, this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress was overheard saying something that might well be a first.
This same band member threatened to quit soon afterwards if the band "didnt make things right." She was begged to stay by the bands founder and did so but is not happy with the situation.

Apparently she didn't show what he thought was a proper level of appreciation for a gift he got her.People are beginning to figure that out because of how he tries to show off the romance in their relationship too much and makes it look strange.Entertainment lawyer 09/11 10* Apparently that east coast Housewife who is still married was proposed to on her recent trip with her boyfriend.He then tried to badger her into performing oral sex on him right there.Entertainment lawyer 09/04 2* This A list network host recently had a multiple page interview in one of the biggest magazines in the world but not a peep about him being closeted or at least a question about his personal life.They sent a fellow actress/singer all of you know to trail our actress from party to party.