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Acrofatic : Despite being obese, he managed to dominate Tien prior Goku defeating him easily; in particular he liked Flash Stepping in front of Tien to block him from getting to Piccolo himself and behind him to attack.
He once precipitated the Earth into utter mayhem and pandemonium with his biglietti della lotteria traduzione inglese army of animal-like demon sons, before being sealed away by Mutaito, Master Roshi and Master Shen's master, at the cost of his own life.
Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?Harmless Villain : After their first defeat they stopped being a scommesse errore real threat to Goku.Hyper-Competent Sidekick : Black is much smarter than Commander Red.This leads to them not appearing after the arc starts, along with Goten and Trunks who get this trope enforced on them in-universe by Vegeta.Colourful Theme Naming : Named for his blue eyes, which complete his Nazi-esque appearance and also glow when he uses his psychic techniques.This is not helped by the fact that all of them were de-aged into children.Captain Yellow Captain Yellow Ieroo Taisa ) Voiced by: Daisuke Gori (Japanese Andrew Chandler (Funimation dub Ben Jeffery (Blue Water dub Armando Réndiz (Latin American) A tiger-person who briefly faces off against Goku, commanding a plane trying to raid Bora and Upa's village.When he realizes that, in his second fight with Goku, that he has no chance at all at winning.Goku practically decimates them by himself after they get in his way one too many times.Not So Stoic : Has a complete breakdown when Goku proved to be stronger than him.It also made Goku become even stronger since he had to fight Tao casino marina del sol talcahuano to take back the Dragon Balls he took.Mercenary Tao Mercenary Tao / Tao Pai Pai Taopaipai ) Click here to see Cyborg Tao Voiced by: Chikao Ohtsuka (Japanese Yukimasa Kishino (Japanese DBZ Michael McConnohie (Harmony Gold dub Scott McNeil (Ocean dub Kent Williams (Funimation dub Doug McKeag (Blue Water dub Gerardo Reyero.He lands on Goku's Power Pole, gets bested in hide-and-seek and racing, gets his favorite sword broken, and eventually one-shotted by Goku after he attempted to blow up Android.
The cast thinks it's all a game.
Plucky Comic Relief : The group provided this even when standing next to King Piccolo - even when the Piccolo arc was the darkest the series had ever been at that point.

Was also knocked high enough to forcibly travel and crash-land from Penguin Village to an Egypt-like country and survive relatively intact.Even worse, he planned to execute the entire village once he found the Dragon Ball.Doppelgänger Spin : Subverted as they are actually his quintuplet brothers.Other Characters saiyans, bardock original Series Villains, dBZ Villains (.He later uses this to kill a tailor after he asked for his payment.Villainous Breakdown : He has long one after Goku comes to the Red Ribbon Army base and begins to wreck it while searching for the Dragon Balls.Satan to the brink of death for making fun of his hairstyle.He returns as a cyborg more powerful than d gets one-shotted by Tien.But Not Too Evil : After their appearances in Dragon Ball, they're definitely this.Orcus on His Throne : For the early part of the saga, he remains on Pilaf's airship and lets his sons do the fighting for him.Lucifer Lucifer Rushiferu ) Voiced by: Nachi Nozawa (Japanese Mike McFarland (Funimation dub José Lavat (Latin American) The villain of the second Dragon Ball movie, Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle.Adaptational Wimp : His Path to Power counterpart is not nearly as impressive as the regular version.
Aliens Among Us : Dragon Ball Online reveals that Buyon belongs to a race of space aliens called Jigglers.
Victories, rewards 1, gem x50 2, n Ticket 3, gold x5,000 5, gem x50 7, gold x5,000.