Delivery slot en français

delivery slot en français

Even for much smaller classes, this is impractical because, in general, overloading dispatches on types only and several slots can have the same type.
Delivery price for orders paid cash or with food vouchers.Per kg over.B vtr ( p prés etc - tt- ) to slot sth into a machine/groove insérer qch dans une machine/rainure ; to slot a film into the timetable trouver un créneau pour un film dans le programme ; I've decided to slot her into the.Slot piece, a into piece, b, taking care cosa vuol dire handicap 1 nelle scommesse to keep the two pieces at right angles.Overweight order tax, for orders heavier than 30 kg there is an additional cost.20.C vi ( p prés etc - tt- ) to slot into coin, piece, component san girolamo penitente lotto sibiu firma s'insérer dans groove, machine ; she has slotted into her new position very well elle s'est très bien adaptée à son nouveau poste ; to slot into place ou position.Phrasal verbs slot in : bonus 500 euro docenti mediaworld slot in coin, piece, component se mettre en place ; slot sth in, slot in sth insérer coin, piece, component ; trouver un créneau pour film, programme ; placer person.
Computer translation, trying to learn how to translate from the human translation examples.
Slot delivery, human contributions, from professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories.

By continuing to visit this site you agree to our use of cookies.Minimal order value for Sofia city:.Delivery price for orders paid online * When choosing payment method PayPal there is an additional fee of.Minimal order value for areas Ivanyane, Pancharevo,.Kokaliane, German and Bistritsa:.Minimal order value for Bankya:.Slot together : slot together s'emboîter ; slot sth together emboîter parts.Slot, a n 1 ( slit ) (for coin, ticket) fente f ; ( for letters ) ouverture f ; 2 ( groove ) rainure f ; 3 (in TV, radio, airline schedule, school timetable) créneau m ; a prime-time slot une tranche horaire.Free shipping on orders over 100.T (PUT IN position) to put someone or something in a particular position : Weather reports are slotted between commercials.Do these two pieces slot together?When finishing your order, please enter deliveryebag in the promo code field.Card slot If, on the other hand, two teams are tied for the first wildcard slot, no tie-breaking game is played.Delivering items in time slots chosen by the customer.
Today customers want to decide for themselves when they receive their delivery.
With the time slot delivery value-added service, let your customers decide not only whether they would prefer to receive their consignments.

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