Crash bandicoot warped bonus levels

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Use this opportunity to go through those layers and smack him directly, then get out of there as his flame pack will then explode from the damage, and reset the barrier crystals.Each chamber has five buttons that open portals to different levels.Its found in warp room 6, in the basement.They get trickier to dodge as you hurt him more, and on his last bit of health, he shoots in sets of two.Dont forget about the two secret levels.
(on Yellow Gem Path).

To access the level you must earn 10 relics by doing speedruns (after beating a level once you can pick up a stopwatch at the start.Its important that you get all the colored gems first.He then rains fireballs upon you.Get a best time to earn a relic).Much of the game takes place in the Time-Twisting Machine, which acts as the hub area of the game.By defeating the boss, the next chamber will become available for play."Break out the butter.Some levels contain more than one clear gem.Now you can touch the dynamite box to blast away the metal boxes blocking the path.Crash 1 video: ml, crash 2 video:.It's too bad it can't be used in conjunction with the Super Body Slam, through.You must earn 20 relics to unlock this alternate level entrance).Those were all the gem locations in the Crash Bandicoot 3 Remaster!It leads to a secret 6th warp room in the basement.Surprisingly, this is the only Ice/Snow-themed level in the entire game.
It pretty much gives Crash a 2nd jump.
Do this two more times to beat him.

Pick up the red gem at the end of this secret route.
After that move, he then tries to torch you directly, destorying the crystals in the process.