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Your remaining pulsa is 37,338 Rupiah, active until To check your internet data, choose #3.
Youll receive the confirmation SMS below from Telkomsel, telling you that your data package is active, and the date your data expires.Registering the Indonesian SIM card, as of 1 May, 2018, a new regulation has fully come into effect, requiring all foreigners to register their cards with either their Passport, or, kitas, or, kitap (the last two being long-term visas which the regular visitor doesnt need.There may also be some extra numbers having to do with data available after midnight or other special times, as well as data related to the hooq video streaming service that Telkomsel keeps pushing.In the press, there have been reports that foreign guests will be able to register straight away at one of the Telkomsel kiosks in the airports, and it seems as though that has turned out to be true in some areas.Make sure it all works, and check your pulsa and data amount before you leave the store.If your phone requires a nano or micro SIM, either snap out the appropriate size of the card, or ask the shop owner to cut it with their tool.Make sure you still have that amount of pulsa left on your phone, otherwise it wont work.Fortunately, its an easy, relatively straightforward process (after you cut through the noise!) to buy a local prepaid SIM card in Indonesia, and even the most expensive cards and data are extremely affordable.The app is pretty self-explanatory, so I wont go into detail.Where to get a prepaid SIM card in Indonesia.H2H AS, kODE voucher, nAMA voucher, harga.Dont forget to make note of your phones new number (although, if you forget it, dial *808# and itll be sent to you).Paket Nelpon Indosat Ooredoo, sesama Pengguna, nama.Youll get something like the results numeri lotto del 14 febbraio 2018 below.Congrats on adding mobile internet, active until *As above with filling pulsa, its also possible to bypass this whole process and buy data for your Indonesian SIM card directly through the Traveloka app.* Oh, one final tip.For this example Im choosing number 3, Flash Mingguan (good for a week at which point I get the results below.

Your order is now processing.Im not sure why anyone would do that these days with the ease of making calls over the internet, but to each their own!To see the expiration date, check the My Telkomsel App Topping up pulsa (credit) As mentioned before, pulsa is the credit used when calling or sending SMS messages.If you really are having a hard time finding one, ask a local.Baca Juga: Nah agar lebih mudah Gadgetren telah mengumpulkan paket SMS atau paket telepon operator Indonesia yang kali ini merupakan kartu Indosat Ooredoo di tahun 2019.Please wait for an SMS notification before trying to use the internet packet.A selection of Indonesian prepaid SIM cards.Cara daftar promo bonus paket nelpon IM3.000 menit ini dapat cara berikut inimelalui kode *123*46 lalu pilih Bonus Melalui panggilan *123*46 lalu pilih Bonus.000 menit dan pilih Daftar Melalui SMS: ketik gratis Nomor Indosat Ooredoo kirim ke 123.Contoh : gratis 085xxxxxxxx Kemudian pengguna.HA150, aS,435, hA200, aS,435 HA300 AS,575 H2H AS jatim kode voucher nama voucher harga HAJ5 AS jatim 5000 5,375 HAJ10 AS jatim 10000 10,125 HAJ20 AS jatim 20000 19,825 HAJ25 AS jatim 25000 24,725 HAJ50 AS jatim 50000 48,850 HAJ100 AS jatim,800 H2H axis kode.So, if you do plan on using mobile data, make sure you purchase enough pulsa to then be able to purchase a data package (which Ill get to in the next section with enough pulsa left over to make calls or send text messages.FYI if you havent already used up your purchased data, and you buy a new data package before that expiration date, then the data will stack and youll be able to continue using your previously purchased data.Paket SMS IM3 beserta paket nelpon dari Indosat Ooredoo memang menjadi salah satu pilihan utama untuk mendapatkan layanan seluler khususnya bagi anak sekolahan dikarenakan harga yang sangat terjangkau.You probably dont want Langganan, which would make you auto-repurchase when the week.An overall coverage map can also be found on the.
If you plan on settling down in one spot for a while, ask the locals whats best, or check out coverage maps by clicking the links of each of the providers.

Sometimes there will be big signs advertising 30GB or more of data, but these often are useful for just a single area (Local Data are good for only one day, can only be used after midnight, are for video streaming services like hooq, or only.
Alright, so thats pretty much it, you should now be a pro at using a local SIM card in Indonesia.
Oleh karena itu, paket SMS IM3 menjadi primadona kaum pelajar hingga sekarang walaupun sudah semakin banyak aplikasi pesan instan.