Bonus go ride 2018

O3DX will be the new game you love.
The game is finished and ready to launch.Complete each level, beat the time and collect all the stars to receive a bonus.Obstacle Playground: Overcoming obstacles is the focus of the fun; daring physics, brainteasers, speed and leaps will test your off youtube free slots for fun road skills.If any feature request is in high demand danna paola ruleta lyrics we will add it to the game before the launch.It blends the fun factor and playability of side scroller racing games with the artistic splendour of free roam full 3d games that utilise cinematic camera angles.Click here to see them.Please try it out and let us know what you think.O3DX is the first game to employ this new type of genre.If I purchased early access do I also get the official version?Unlike any predecessor: By rethinking and redesigning the way you interact with a vehicle, O3DX presents a whole new gaming experience.More level packs in development for non-stop entertainment.Everyone who purchased Early Access has the game and will recieve all future updates.
This is not a free roam game.

We want this brief Alpha phase to discover any remaining bugs and get your feedback.O3DX will be the ride of your life!Intuitive controls, maximum playability and camera angles that keep you in the thick of the action at the right moments, ensure a healthy dose of addictive adrenaline in what promises to become a whole new game genre.Ridiculously Realistic physics!About This Game, o3DX, from the dusty chasms of the underground 4x4 world, comes an adventure unlike anything you have experienced before.Smell the diesel, taste the dust!Classic 4x4 vehicles, Military Off road Vehicles, Modern sporty all terrain vehicles and more.Plug and play Xbox 360 controller support.How complete is the Alpha?It behaves like a side scroller but all action happens in 3D space with 360 degree camera angles.AAA visual fidelity: Through harnessing the latest rendering technology and fine tuning resources to match your device, you are presented with immersive, realistic rides through breath-taking terrains of exquisite detail and class leading special effects.O3DX is an offroad racing and physics obstacle game with a whole new approach.
Prepare yourself for fast tracks, furious physics and a rush of adrenaline as you tackle daring obstacles and puzzles.