Bonus 300 euro

Non-participating clubs The solidarity payments to non-participating clubs via their national associations and/or leagues will now represent 5 of the overall gross revenues of the two competitions.
The gross commercial revenue from the 2016/17 uefa Champions League, the 2016/17 uefa Europa League and the 2016 uefa Super Cup is estimated at around.35bn.
HOW THE money IS generated, all net revenue from uefa's club competitions is centralised, in one single pot, and reallocated to the uefa Champions League and uefa Europa League on a fixed ratio.3:1.G roup stage onwards, forecast amounts, the net amount available to the participating clubs will be split on a 60:40 basis between fixed amounts and variable amounts (market pool).7 1 m, not including their market pool share.Market pool (160m) The estimated available amount of 1 6 0 m will be distributed according to the proportional value of each television market represented by the clubs taking part in the group stage onwards and be split among the clubs participating from a given.Therefore, 2.8m will be distributed as fixed amounts and 160m as variable amounts (market pool).Only clubs not participating in the group stage of either the uefa Champions League or uefa Europa League in 2016/17 will be entitled to a share of these solidarity payments.HOW THE money IS shared OUT.A dditional amounts Any additional amounts available for distribution to clubs as a result of higher gross commercial revenue (surplus) will be split on a 60:40 basis between fixed amounts and the market pool, as decided by the uefa Executive Committee on the recommendation.6 m The uefa Europa League winners can expect to receive.5m and the runners-up.5m, inclusive of their share of ticket revenue from the final (no additional amount will be paid to the finalists in relation to ticketing as was customary in the past).Based on the forecast.35bn in overall revenue,.2m will be distributed to the clubs in both competitions with the teams defeated in uefa Europa League qualifying receiving the following amonts: First qualifying round 215,000 Second qualifying round 225,000 Third qualifying round 235,000 Play-offs.2 m Each of the above shares will be split into as many portions as there are national associations represented by at least one club in the round concerned, proportional to the value of the relevant media rights markets.Al l the provisions are subject to final confirmation by uefa.Of the resultant net revenue.86bn, 8 will be reserved for European football and remain with uefa, and the other 92 will be distributed to the participating clubs.
Group winners bonus: 600,000, group runners-up simboli carte da gioco francesi bonus: 300,000, round of 32 appearance: 500,000, round of 16 appearance: 750,000, quarter-final appearance: 1m, semi-final appearance:.

Group stage performance bonus per draw: 120,000, non-distributed amounts (120,000 per draw) will be pooled and redistributed among the clubs playing in the group stage in amounts proportionate to their number of wins.4 m Final (4).A total of more than 399.8m will be shared among the clubs in the 2016/17 uefa Europa League.Out of the estimated gross amount.35bn, 12 (282m) will be deducted to cover organisational and administrative competition-related costs and.5 (199.7m) will be allocated to solidarity payments.A) Half of the global market pool ( 80 m ) will be split into as many shares as there are national associations represented by at least one club in the group stage.However, they will retain the payments received for the first, second and third qualifying rounds, as applicable.
The following split will apply among the clubs from any given association.

Each share, proportional to the value of the relevant media rights market, will be split among the clubs based on their performance in the previous seasons domestic competitions.